About Us

Veterans3 Veteran owned company, Veterans focused on serving Veterans

Made-in-USA-AmericaThe primary focus of Veterans3 is to create American manufacturing jobs in the in-vitro diagnostics, biologics and diabetes care sectors by selling to the Veterans Administration and Department of Defense as a preferred contractor to complement the sister corporation Distribución y Servicio para Laboratorios Latinoamericanos with the goal selling these products into the Latin American market.

For three generations my family has done their military duty and then returned to the private sector starting businesses to employ Americans.  I am from Muncie, IN, a city named Middletown USA in 1929 as the typical American city.  We made Ball jars and the Muncie four speed transmission.


By 2006, with the desintegration of our manufacturing base, Inc. Magazine determined we were the worst city to do business in of 283 American communities.

Muncie, Indiana, a once booming industrial town home to large corporations and factories such as Ball Corporation, BorgWarner, General Motors, ABB, Indiana Steel and Wire, to name a few. Now all that remains of these once thriving businesses is the hollow shell of the buildings they once occupied.

The same impulse that led me to join the USAF in 1977 was the same impulse that led me to created my export business, the country and our economy must be defended.  Since 2000, my focus has been the export market in order to create American jobs supplying the Latin American market in the company Distribución y Servicio para Laboratorios Latinoamericanos.

In January 2016 I formed Veterans3 as Veteran owned company, Veterans focused on serving Veterans.  The purpose of Veterans3 is to create business opportunities for military veteran businesspeople to compete and win major contracts on a national scale for VA and Department of Defense business primarily distributing American made products of small American companies.